I really enjoy teaching fiber related classes.  If you’re interested in a workshop, watch for upcoming classes.  Or better yet, get a group of your friends together and come to the studio at the farm, or I can come to you!

Here are some ideas to create your own workshop:

Felted Embellishments –   This is a two hour workshop where you’ll create embellishments for your projects using needle felting!

Discover Nuno Felting – This is a two hour wet felting workshop.  You’ll learn how wool felts and create two projects, wool felt piece and you’ll learn how to bond wool and silk chiffon together.

Hand felt an art soap –  Create a bar of soap with its own built-in wash cloth made of wool.  And it’s pretty sitting there in your shower to boot!

Create a beautiful nuno felted scarf –  This 3-4 hour workshop has you exploring how wool felts and ends with a completed nuno felted scarf of your own!  We have lots of fun and the creativity flows!

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops!