Gotta love fiber!!!

Kathy spinning in her booth at the Pine Tree Barn in Wooster in 2017.

I’ve been in the fiber business now for over 15 years, which is hard to believe!  Actually, if you count the years that I’ve been knitting and crocheting since my grandmother taught me as a child…well we won’t go there!  Funny how things go around.  Who would have known that all those knitted scarves would lead to this?

Anyway, I can be my own worst enemy because just about anything to do with fiber, interests me.  I love, love, love to learn how to do things – whether it’s spinning, weaving, working with fiber, different types of fiber, how to dye, felt, embellish – you name it.  It all fascinates me.  And, I love to teach what I’ve learned.  So I’m always looking for the next workshop to teach.

I like what I sell and only sell what I like, so you’re guaranteed a great selection of fibers, books, kits and related goodies when you see me at a show.

The flock is considered a “spinner’s flock”.  I have a number of breeds represented, from Romney, to Shetlands, to Border Leiscesters, to Blue Face Leicesters.   I also pick up exceptional fleeces from local farms around us in Northeast Ohio to add to the fiber offering.

Watch for upcoming workshops or create your own.  Interested in how to do something?  If I can accomodate you, grab a group of your friends and we’ll make a workshop!  I also work 1 on 1 if you would like lessons.

Thanks for visiting my site!  Enjoy!